home-grown values
with a global reach.

NeutriSci International was founded in 2009 on two guiding principles: research and innovation. Since then, NeutriSci has grown to be an industry leader in the innovation, production and formulation of clinically proven nutraceutical products.

The NeutriSci vision is to greatly improve the quality of life and well being of our customers across the world.

leadership inspirations

NeutriSci’s Directors and Leaders provide strategic guidance to the company, set policy direction and ensure that we are focused on our vision, values and key business philosophies.

natural responsibility

corporate structure & operations

forward motion & innovation

our mission & values

The NeutriSci vision is to enhance the quality of life and well-being of our global community. Improving every area of these factors will allow the human experience to advance.

health & wellness

We value the power of being healthy and the effectiveness of exceptional nutraceutical products.


We value equality and respect others that feel the same. We hold our integrity to the highest professional standards.


We value our people and partners and their commitments to creativity and thinking outside of the box.


We value our partners and shareholders and understand our responsibilities to them. We value being accountable for our actions and our results.

At NeutriSci International, we are committed to bringing together the very best resources including products, strategies and people.


We channel these resources to drive Sales in an extremely successful, sustainable and ethical manner. We couple sales with operational excellence to maximize efficiency, consumer experiences and profitability. These efforts are focused to positively affect Share Price and the overall worth of the company.

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